Student and Alumni Testimonials

Munguromo Atido (Development Studies)

Before coming to Shalom, I knew nothing about development, I have really been transformed, as I am now able to begin, continue, and evaluate all types of projects, and even participate! I cannot live with someone who does nothing.
Development has made me a man of action. I have learned to live among the poor, rural communities to best help them improve their quality of life and move from the negative to the positive. When I leave here, I will be a man of action able to walk alongside positive societal change.

Dhena Dheda (Environmental Sciences)

The work ethics at Shalom University has really made an impression on me! I have learned to work in groups, in the community, and as part of a community of ideas. I have learned to apply my ideas on the ground; and learned some things I did not know about humankind. See the difference in coming to Shalom University!
Yes, the environmental science that I currently study is a new one, not only in Ituri, but also at the national level. Therefore, it is up to us and future generations to be courageous and cultivate a strong work ethic in order to standardize this discipline in a society which has remarkable difficulties in this area.

Kumbanyaki Lunga (Agricultural Sciences)

I feel that I have graduated; that which Shalom University has given me is the ability to be competitive among other scientists. Excellent training comes alive and is seen in its results when compared to other universities.
I am trained in controlling the problems which threaten our environment, the lake for example, the source of our fish, we must manage responsible use in the face of popular beliefs and the diverse environmental problems which threaten the world in general and our Iturian society in particular.

Upon my arrival, I was surprised to see myself picked up by academic and administrative personnel at the airport. What humility! Student-staff relations are solid at Shalom!
All my life I will remain an ambassador for this institution; I tell other young students to choose this university for their training. Here, there is Evangelical Theology, an approach which I believe to be Shalom’s specialty. I came for my undergraduate degree, and completed a graduate program! I am not who I was, my qualified teachers changed me both academically and spiritually. I am the fruit of the excellence of Shalom.

Tuombe Katulanya
(Evangelical Theology)

Malosi Lobi (Administration & Management)

I encourage women, young girls, and mothers like myself to come study at Shalom; this university puts us at ease! I was not isolated, something which I feared! I did not feel, in the beginning, the difference between the old and new… I quickly adapted thanks to the first course I took at university: Education and Citizenship! I lost my ideas and notions regarding the humanities; Administration and Management has made me a job creator! Currently, I work more with numbers.
Really, I have changed, upon obtaining my first university diploma, I have become another person! I would like to continue at Shalom University, become a great woman, an intellectual open and adapted to the 21st century.

I have taken many courses in technical studies: mechanics, hydraulics, natural resource conservation, management, etc! Therefore, agricultural studies is not only planting trees, sweet potatoes, as I believed at the beginning.
Now, I have an entrepreneurial spirit; I am in the midst of creating, by myself, a job from my training! Throughout my education, I was never unemployed. I always had work, only work ethic sustains us!
Take heart, future and young students, agriculture is a discipline with many prospects; it is to each person to find their vision and choose from various different departments which offer this science.
Yes, I encourage and ask that Shalom University continue always with the desire to send students into the field for practical experience, because practical experience plunges us into the spirit and heart of our discipline!

Besisa Thimothée
(Agricultural Sciences)

Birungi Sumbuso (Administration & Management)

I am a graduate thanks to the Christian ethics which reign at Shalom University. They are there to combat corruption, negative values and other practices, which are rampant problems in our society, in all areas I have changed, even mentally. Shalom has filled the hollow space between the state diploma and my degree. I am in control of myself in all situations, I have an entrepreneurial spirit in all areas of life with much on the horizon.
Actually, “people die by the lack of knowledge”; as such, it is necessary to complete university studies at Shalom, which I consider as an institution of transformation, of real transformation through work ethic and civility.

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