Student Life

Student Life

Spiritual excellence is for us, at Shalom University, as important as academic excellence! Students are organized into prayer groups, choirs, and Bible study groups. There are Sunday church services at the university parish, as well as Friday services where all are welcome. The Chaplain’s office organizes musical evenings, youth nights, Campus for Christ meetings, spiritual retreats for students and staff, as well as other events.

We believe that development and progress will not come without the transformation of hearts and minds. The Chaplain’s office plays a key role in student life at Shalom University, whose vision is: Spiritual and academic excellent for the transformation of society by Christ.

In addition, there are numerous activities organized by students: a theatre group, sports teams like football/soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.

Jambo Congo

Developed at Shalom University by staff and students of the FAGE/SIG department, has the potential to become a major social network for Congolese Youth.

Besides the functionalities known from facebook & Co., Jambo Congo offers a discussion board (forum), blogs, link collections, extensive news, event management, music, group chat, video chat, games and much more.

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