Faculty of Science

 The Faculty of Science is charged with the formation of professionals with the knowledge and abilities necessary to positively influence the management, utilization, and conservation of natural resources. During their studies, students develop the ability to perform scientific analyses which aid in the understanding of the issues which threaten the natural environment, the proposition of solutions, and the encouragement of responsible resource management and sustainable development.


Students refer to the Bible for their foundational knowledge regarding the Creation of the world with the intention of discovering God’s plan for the management of natural resources. Students support environmental education in local schools to teach the population to value the resources at their disposal, and to play a role in the denunciation of practices which harm the environment, such as various forms of pollution. The specialization of our students as well as popular education both promote the inclusion of principles of environmental stewardship and sustainability in the formation of laws by the state which guarantee the protection and promotion of our natural resources.


Gestion d’Environnement


Aménagement et Gestion des Ressources naturelles


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