Faculty of Evangelical Theology

The Faculty of Evangelical Theology is composed of four departments: Pastoral Theology, Biblical Theology, Missiology, and Bible Translation. The foundational vision of the undergraduate program in theology is the communication of Biblical truth. The program emphasizes the knowledge and understanding of the Bible, the communication of Biblical truth to others and the lifestyle necessary to have this message accepted from an evangelical perspective.

The Department of Bible Translation, in collaboration with SIL, has contributed to the alphabetization and many translations of the Bible in regional languages of the DR Congo.

The Faculty of Theology is the first to structure their program as undergraduate (Licence), graduate (Master’s), doctorate. This allows students opportunity for research and practical application.

Bachelor (Licence)

Théologie Evangélique

Master (Maîtrise)

Théologie Pratique

Théologie Biblique


Traduction de la Bible

Ph.D. (Doctorat)

Théologie Biblique



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