Faculty of Development

The Faculty of Development of Shalom University is an academic center which elevates both the intellectual capacity as well as the personal initiative of each of its students by valuing that each man and woman are created in the image of God. The improvement of any individual’s situation from a state of misery benefits not only individuals, but also their immediate family, local community, and nation.


Educational objectives

The Faculty strives to achieve five educational objectives:

  1. To form researchers at the university level capable of analyzing socio-economic situations which impact the development at both the grassroots and national levels.
  2. To form specialists capable of analyzing issues which impact rural regions and proposing appropriate solutions alongside involved parties.
  3. Forming practitioners who objectively analyze development approaches in order to determine how to maximize their efficacy, either through reinforcement or modification.
  4. Forming analysts of the politics and international practices which hamper community development and national progress who are able to propose new approaches.
  5. Forming specialists with concern for the responsible use of natural resources who are able to make propositions, in the realms of both health and politics at the local and national level, for sustainable use.





Sciences et Techniques de Développement

Développement Communautaire

Développement Rural et Planification

Développement Durable et Politique Publique

Développement International et Gestion des Catastrophes

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