Faculty of Administration & Management

The Faculty of Administration and Management seeks to train practitioners able to consult in diverse environments and projects. This training helps students to master principles of development with the goal of guarding resources well. Management must involve ethical, spiritual, and civil responsibility for alumni to understand that they were created to serve others and that the resources provided to them come as gifts from God.

The goal of this education is to provide students with an understanding of healthy management, efficient processes, and an objective understanding to the profit of beneficiaries. Students must also be able to manage projects in response to one or many community needs. Students put their expertise to work in the service of others with the understanding that all will benefit in time.


Administration et Gestion

Systèmes Informatiques de Gestion


Gestion Financière

Administration et Gestion des Projets

Gestion des Ressources Humaines

Gestion des Entreprises

Systèmes Informatiques de Gestion

Maîtrise (Master of Arts)



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